Discuss reactions to the crime or sentencing that you gathered through research.

The purpose of the Case Study is to serve as a summary and application of the course material to a known case of financial crime. The Case Study will be submitted in multiple steps: proposal, list of references, optional draft, and final paper.You will write a case study of a white-collar or corporate criminal (person or organization) of your choosing. I encourage you to stay away from high profile cases because the amount of information may be overwhelming. I strongly recommend that you choose a case in which the offender(s) have been punished (or have been found not guilty), but cases in progress are acceptable. Instead of a criminal conviction, you may choose a subject that was pursued in civil court and/or by a regulatory agency.This assignment will include an exploration of criminal, legal, and/or regulatory filings against the chosen subject, a brief media review, a theoretical explanation of the crime, a discussion of how the crime occurred, and an overview of the aftermath of the crime.More specifically, the paper should include:Who: a background of the subject (should be relatively brief)What/when/where: details the facts of the caseCite the appropriate legal documentation or press releases as much as possible. If there is a discrepancy in the information, detail the facts of the case as clearly as possible with appropriate citations.Discuss sentencing outcomes (if applicable).Why/how: attempt to explain why the crime happened using a theoretical perspective or other insight from classroom materials/discussionPart of the paper should briefly describe the theoretical perspective or concept with the appropriate citations.Note that you will need to clearly provide evidence that this theory is the best one to explain your specific offender’s motives or actions (e.g., quotes from the offenders, evidence brought up during the trial, academic literature on similar crimes). Instead of a formalized specific theory (routine activities, rational choice, etc.), you may use different topics introduced throughout to course that less formally explain crime.Might consider what action (or inaction) allowed the crime to be committed, perhaps also including how it could have been prevented from a theoretical perspective.Impact of the crime: legal or social implications, victimization, policy changes, etc.Discuss reactions to the crime or sentencing that you gathered through research.Defense of the crime as a white collar or corporate crimeSomewhere in the paper, indicate why you believe this crime qualifies as a white collar or corporate crime. Be sure to cite a specific source supporting your decision.You should use legal documentation, official press releases, media articles from reputable sources, and journal articles for sources as much as possible. The textbook and other course materials should also be cited as appropriate. Papers should be written in 7th edition APA style.You may resubmit your assignment as many times as you like. I will grade the last assignment you submit unless you tell me otherwise. Your assignment will be completed using Turnitin, a program that checks for citations and plagiarism. I will review the Turnitin report along with your assignment. Every assignment you submit will generate an Originality Report. I suggest you review and make changes based on the Originality Report before your final assignment submission. For more information about Turnitin, go to http://www.tamuc.edu/facultyStaffServices/academictechnology/educational-technology/turnItIn.aspx.The final paper is due by Monday, December 13 at 11:59 PM.A list of FAQs for this assignment is available here.A copy of the grading rubric is available here.An example final paper is available here.