Discuss The Effects of Social, Economic, Legal, and Academic Inequities.

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Week 2 Assignment: The Effects of Social, Economic, Legal, and Academic InequalitiesWrite a paper on the inequalities faced by African Americans. Do not exceed word count; must meet minimum word count.This assignment reviews the inequalities that face African Americans.Within the essay you will discuss the four areas of inequality (Social, Economic, Legal, Academic)faced by African Americans.For each section, you want to include at least one way to address the inequality successfully.Finally, you will discuss if you feel inequality is experienced equally by African Americans of different classes, or specifically by those of higher or lower economic status.Explain why.Include at least two peer-reviewed sources no more than five years old, in addition to the textbook for a total of three sources.Format your paper according to the University Writing and Style Guidelines for 300 course-level papers which includes use of headings.HEADINGSIntroductionSocial InequalitiesEconomic InequalitiesLegal InequalitiesAcademic InequalitiesAfrican American Economic ClassesConclusion


What is the message in this text, or what is the lesson it teaches us?

What does the work reveal about the operations (economically, politically, socially, or psychologically) of patriarchy?

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