Discuss the federal abortion ban and compare the policy today to previous.

CRITICALLY COMPARE AND CONTRAST a minimum of three (3) books and three (3) articles on things like:a. Do the authors do what they say they will do in the book(s)/article(s)?b. The logic and adequacy of the authors’ arguments and relative strengths and weaknesses of the authors’ theoretical or conceptual frameworks, one author compared directly to another.c. Relative strength and originality of the authors’ ideas.d. Strengths and weakness of the literature, viewed individually, comparatively and as a whole.e. Clarity and effectiveness of the authors’ organization, illustrations, writing style, etc.f. Relative value or utility of the books and articles to you and, perhaps, to other readers.g. Are some ideas or important research questions overlooked by your selected authors
Unacceptable books/articles include:a. Textbooksb. Edited readers or anthologies (however, one, or two separately authored chapters in an edited book may be used as article selections).c. Articles in newspapers and magazines, agency reports, committee reports, any unauthored essays or papers.
I want to see your thoughts on the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the literature. What did you think about the authors’ arguments and viewpoints, considered separately, compared to one another, and as a whole?