Discuss this program as it relates to the title of the chapter and Goffman’s statement above.

Option III: Erving Goffman (1971) commented that the social contract and the assumptions regarding the moral order were questioned and in some cases disregarded:In the last decade interesting things have happened to assumptions about the moral order within and around establishments. Ordinary policing, along with the mortification presumably consequent on public arrest, was thought to be all that was necessary in order to keep users of public and semi-public establishments effectively respectful of the property and persons with these places, and of the frame itself. But of course, other factors were at work, such as actual respect and informal segregation by class, race, and age; and these factors seem to be much less effective in cities today (Hutter, 2012, p. 213).
After reading Chapter 10 “Seeing” disorder and the Ecology of Fear, read and view (YouTube) the material below on NYC “Stop and Frisk” program in New York. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vaPA4H_QYk
http://library.lol/main/FDB731A5165FE6A53010B5FEC298EA76 (The link to the textbook, Chapter 10 starts on page 290