Discuss three ways to avoid paternalism and increase self-determination.

1. Advocacy an agency or organization setting frequently applies to the rights of a group of people. Specifically, cause advocacy involves work on behalf of groups of people. Based on your personal and work experiences, describe an example of cause advocacy that you either observed or participated in. In what ways did this group lack the ability to advocate for itself?2. Macro-level disasters are terrifying, devastating, and sometimes even disturbingly anticipated. Disasters may be caused by nature, human error, or criminal activity. Using your personal or work experience, describe a time that you were able to help someone through a disaster experience.3. What is the role of self-determination in social work practice? How does paternalism interfere with the goal of self-determination? Discuss three ways to avoid paternalism and increase self-determination.4. When working with people with disabilities, what role does a social worker’s language play? What are some guidelines for the use of language in work with people with disabilities