Discussion: Networking: Professional Introduction

Discussion: Networking: Professional Introduction
COVID-19 and its lockdowns changed the way America and the world do business. Anywhere a computer or phone and wifi could be used became an office in 2020. While many professionals have been working remotely for a long time (your Trident instructor, for example), more people began operating from home due to the pandemic.
During this module’s two weekly discussions, we will present our online professional selves with typed and spoken words.
Module 1: Week 1 Discussion Background Readings
4 Tips and Tricks for Networking Online (2020)
Virtual Networking Tips for Remote Professionals (2020)
Four Ways to Make the Most out of Your Virtual Networking Events (2020)
Oral versus Written CommunicationYOUR INITIAL POST: Have fun and be creative with words. Introduce yourself to the class from a professional perspective. Treat this as a networking opportunity in which you share your employment and educational background and skills. You never know who is in a group. It could be a hiring manager looking for someone with your talents or an investor who sees an opportunity in your ideas. Strike a balance between overselling and/or exaggerating who you are and underselling the capabilities that you possess.
This post should be 2 paragraphs in length (at least 100 words).