Discussion Question 1

Chapter 1 Case Study, DiGiorno Pizza: Introducing a Frozen Pizza to Compete with Carry-Out, Question #2. Please type the variable along with the data level, e.g. Phone number –nominal
Do you or your organization use statistics to make decisions? If so, please give an example. E.g., what decisions are made? What data are collected and analyzed? How the decisions are made based on statistics? If not, why? What other mechanisms are used to make decisions? Do you see any benefit or drawback of these mechanisms? Can you see a way in which statistics can be used in your life or work?
Analyze, from your own experience, the merits of solving problems from a systematic approach rather than from some other method, e.g. ‘spur of the moment’ decision making. Explain how you would make decisions if you were a manager in your workplace.
Go to Successful Stem Education (Links to an external site.). Discuss how statistics is used in education to determine how well students are achieving objectives in the STEM (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics) courses. Find the School Report Card for the school district where you live. How well are the schools doing?