Do you detect any hope in the Songs of Experience?

Focus on the “Introduction” and “Earth’s Answer” and “Tyger”Prompt (Answer in 1-1.5 pages) – Do you detect any hope in the Songs of Experience? If so, where? How is it manifested? What kind of hope is it? How does it differ from the kind of hope we see in Innocence?
You may only use the direct source work as your source of outside material for the response. Below the prompt are guidelines and expectations set forth by my instructor for the response since it is at a university level. Please see rubric/expectations below for my specific guidelines.
Please read these carefully, most important is use of direct textual evidence to back up claims.
Rubric/Expectations:– Response is 1-1.5 pages in length.– Response fully and completely answers all aspects of the prompt.– Response asserts an identifiable thesis statement in the introduction of the essay and does not use personal pronouns such as I, or we, and avoids making the essay conscious of itself by using language such as “In this essay I will prove” or “This essay will explore…”– Response only cites direct textual evidence, no parenthetical citations and response uses consistent textual evidence as support.– Response uses university level word choice, is not repetitive in wording or phrasing and is free of any grammar errors.– Response is plagiarism free.– Response uses proper transitions from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.