Do you think Americans are overworked?

In this discussion board, first complete Exercise 17-1 (“Up in smoke – are you burned out?”) in the textbook on p. 411-412 (or p. 435 in the 5th Edition).Then, complete Exercise 17-3 (“Characteristics of a Hardy Personality”) in the textbook on p. 427-429 (or p. 453 in the 5th Edition).Finally, read the Working Smart case on p. 513-514 (or p. 464 in the 5th Edition)and watch the videos: The Depressed Employee (3:54) and Taking Vacations can Improve Your Career (3:13).In your initial post, address the following:Where are you in the burnout process? What steps can be taken for emergency, short-term, and long-term aid?Do you think Americans are overworked? Explain your opinions.What do you do to maintain balance in your life and in your work? Are you aging at the rate you want and for the purpose(s) you want?In your follow-up posts, discuss your different experiences and opinions.See syllabus and assignment due dates for deadline for initial posts and two follow-up posts.