Do you think designer babies should be legal?

Watch this video, link posted below. Recognize there are some things that are projections are the author’s opinion. However, there are some interesting ideas presented and need to be
Answer the following quesitons:
Do you think designer babies should be legal? We are already doing them in a sense right now but should we allow the next step? If we are not going to allow we must understand when someone chooses a mate based on phenotype they are, in a sense, creating a designer baby. Most athletically incline people will mate with other athletically inclined people. Isn’t that a designer baby?
Furthermore, if the argument is we should not intrude on people’s freedom to choose a mate then should we not intrude on a couple’s freedom to create the child they want?
If we can’t even agree on where the freedom line is (my freedom to choose versus your freedom to not be negatively affected by my choice) for mask then how can we sort out the freedom argument for designer babies?
If we allow designer babies, what are the negative effects? What are the positives? How do we weigh those effects to come up with a moral decision on designer babies?