Does education empower us or stifle personal growth?

The four readings in this class focus on the topic of “Learning Power” and attempt to analyze the myth of education and empowerment.The four readings are:“Learning to Read” by Malcolm X“College at Risk” by “Andrew Delbanco”“Idiot Nation” Michael MooreExcerpt from “Underground Undergrads”For this essay please write and defend a thesis statement answering the following question: Does education empower us or stifle personal growth? What is the value of formal education? It is essential to success? Is informal education more useful in some cases?Remember our “thesis statement equation”: Topic + specific opinion about the topic+ three points of development (the “because clause”). Back each point with evidence: three points should be used and three pieces of evidence should be given (one per point). One piece of evidence should be from one of the texts above; one should be from a scholarly source, and one from a high-quality popular source. Please refer to the Powerpoint about sources in the week 5 and 6 modules for information on this topic.The minimum word count for this paper is 1000. All papers should use a standard font style (Times New Roman, Ariel, etc.) in 12 pt size, have 1” margins on all sides, be double spaced throughout, and properly cite all quoted or paraphrased material in MLA format