Does music therapy increase or decrease communication skills within children ranging from 3-12 years old diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

oh also a reference page.This research paper should be written in APA format, a minimum of 10 pages (body), and a minimum of 10 references from peer-reviewed journal articles. Beyond the 10 references, students may use textbooks (or books in pdf/html file form), and government-based websites. The paper should contain the following information. Numbers 1-8, 13 and 14 should be completed in SW492, then edited for the culminating project:Title PageAbstractIntroductionWhat is the problem you are investigating?Why is it a problem? Why should the reader care about it?How did it become a problem?Were there ever any attempts to resolve this problem? What are some instances where it was successful? If not, why so?What is the current situation?What is being done about it? What does all this mean?Literature ReviewReview the literature related to your specific questionSynthesize the literatureInclude all sides of an issue, support your assertionsInclude any specific theories or studies that relate to your specific questionIdentify the Purpose of Your StudyWhat is the purpose of your study?What do you hope to unfold as a result of your investigation?How will your findings make a difference in the field of social work?Identify the Rationale for Your StudyWhat is the justification for your investigation?Who is suggesting that research needs to be conducted on your topic? Why should you take their advice…who is suggesting the investigation is needed?How do I know that what you are investigating makes sense? Is it reasonable? Is it logical to even undertake such a study? Explain why.MethodologyNumber of participants plannedResearch Design (i.e. quantitative, qualitative; remember to try to gather baseline information, if possible.)Planned MeasuresReliability and validity issuesTerms and definitions
Procedures: This should read like a recipe. Indicate how you will access sample.Data Analysis PlanWhy is this test appropriate?Discussion, be sure to address social and economic justice issues and strategiesLimitations of Your StudyConclusionReferencesAppendix (copies of instruments, sample letters, informed consent, etc.)SW 492 Research Proposal Grading Rubric
CategoryUnacceptableBasicProficientExcellentTitle PageNo title pageTitle page does not conform to APATitle page conforms to the wrong edition of APATitle page conforms to 7th edition of APAAbstractNo abstractAbstract does not contain summary statements regarding purpose, method, expected results, and does not conform to APAAbstract is missing no more than two of the required elements (purpose, method, expected results), OR conforms to the wrong edition of APAAbstract contains all required elements AND conforms to 7th edition of APAIntroductionIntroduction describes the topic OR is disorganized OR is missing most of the required elementsIntroduction is missing more than three of the required elements OR describes the historical problem from the viewpoint of the client instead of the problem in societyIntroduction is missing no more than two of the required elementsClear description of the problem with compelling reasons why it is important; historical discussion of the problem in society, attempts taken to solve the problem (if applicable), and the current status of the problemLiterature ReviewDoes not citeCites two orCites more thanCites more than
relevant literature OR literature is mentioned vaguely; discussion of theoretical basis not present or just mentioned; OR citations are missingthree relevant studies with no critical analysis of the studies; some or all of the literature is not peer-reviewed; mentions theory in the paper; APA 7th edition format is not followed or inconsistent for citationsthree studies, discusses each study in detail; uses literature to support theoretical basis of study; all literature is peer-reviewedthree studies, discusses each study in detail; critically analyzes literature and relates it to topic at hand; includes a discussion of ethics; uses literature to support theoretical basis of study; all literature is peer-reviewedPurposeNo purpose statementPurpose statement present, but thinly described or unclear; no explanation based on theory or how findings will make a difference in field of social workPurpose statement present with some discussion of theory, results, and how the findings will make a difference in the field of social workStrong purpose statement with critical discussion of theory, results, and how findings will make a difference in the field of social workRationaleRationale for study is course requirement or is missingRationale includes curiosity for study results or is unclearRationale includes use of literature; discussion of reasonableness of investigationRationale includes use of literature, critical thinking connects rationale and literature, including reasonableness and ethics of investigationMethodologyPaper mentions a study but is unclearDescription is unclear; variables areDescription appears complete, but isClear statement of design, including
regarding procedures; most required elements missingunclear and procedure is not appropriate for hypothesisunclear or does not follow logical order; variables are mentioned but not operationalizedvariables; procedures are clear and logicalData AnalysisNo data analysis plan presentMeasures are inappropriate for hypothesis and dataMeasures are appropriate for data but not the most appropriate for dataMeasures are appropriate for hypothesis and dataDiscussionDiscussion is missing or rehashes students thoughts on the topic; section is unclear and disorganizedDiscussion rehashes student’s thoughts about the topic; mention of social and economic justice issues OR strategies; section is mostly clear, but disorganizedDiscussion mentions topics from literature review and theoretical basis of study; includes discussion of social and economic issues OR strategiesDiscussion includes elements of literature review and critically blends theory; includes social and economic justice issues and strategiesLimitationsNo mention of limitations in studyLimitations include standard discussion of population size and geographical locationSome thought has been given to limitations, including standard limitations and data analysis issuesRich in insight and discussion about limitations; critical thinking regarding possible ethical and data analysis limitationsConclusionMentions this was a study on specific topic or this section is missingDiscussion of topic of study, importance of study, and how study will make a difference in the field of social work; discussion uses emotionalDiscussion includes information from literature review, importance of study, how study will make a difference to the field of social work, and whyDiscussion includes critical thinking and links literature and theory to importance of study, how the study will make a difference to social work, and
argumentSSD/SSR is useful for the topicthe use of SSD/SSR to answer research hypothesisReferencesNo references present OR references are not needed because student did not use citations in paperReferences present, but some are missing or do not have corresponding citations; references do not follow APA formatEach reference has a corresponding citation; no references missing; references follow APA format with only a few errorsEach reference has a corresponding citation; no references are missing; all references follow APA 7th edition formattingStylistics