does social anxiety effect academic achievement in college students?

Introduction: It provides the purpose and overview of the paper. In this part you should describe your research question(s) and explain why it is (they are) important. You may want to use other people’s research findings to justify the importance of your research topic/questions (i.e., previous research has found the issue of concern has important consequences on certain people/things).Literature review: A research report/proposal usually contains a separate literature review section, in which the author discusses what has been done by other researchers about the chosen topic and what has been missing (which makes it necessary to ask the chosen research question(s)). For this project, however, you only need to provide five peer-reviewed references of research done on your topic (but more references are welcome too). I do not expect you to identify a gap in previous research, but if you could motivate your proposal that way, it would be excellent. Because your literature review will not be comprehensive, it is OK to be relatively short (i.e., 1-1.5 pages). In this section, you should also discuss the hypotheses for your research question(s) based on existing studies. The introduction and literature review sections together should be no longer than a half of your entire text.Study design: In this section, you should provide details about your data source, give examples of your survey or in-depth interview questions, and indicate the population you intend to focus on and the number of subjects you want to include in the sample. You need to define the key concepts in your study and state how you will measure these concepts. If you expect to conduct an experiment, explain what you intend to do in your experiment. If you plan to conduct an ethnographic study, explain how you will select cases and obtain access to the study site. Regardless of the method you choose, you should always discuss how you plan to recruit subjects. If you propose to use existing survey data, you need to discuss the survey questions that you will use to create variables in your analysis.
Discussions: unlike usual research proposals, I ask you to add a specific discussion about why your proposed research methods/analyses are linked to the hypotheses you propose early on. In addition, please discuss why your proposed method is better than other possible methods.