Does the book treat the subject in detail or in general terms?

The Critical Book Review on Dante inferno: The purpose of a critical book review is twofold. The reviewer wishes, first, to inform the reader as to the nature and scope of the book under consideration. More important, the reviewer seeks to present an evaluation of the book. In so far as is possible, the review should be objective; it should be an evaluation based upon evidence and examples presented in the review and not upon such subjective criteria as personal likes and dislikes.
Citation. At the top of the first page of your review, give a full citation for the book read.
Evaluation. While reading the book, attempt to identify the author’s thesis – a thesis is an argument supported by evidence put forward by the author of the book. Once you have found the thesis, you must decide for yourself if it is valid. You must, in other words, discover what the author is trying to say and, then, evaluate what is said. In so doing, you may find the following questions helpful:– What is the subject and scope of the book?– How thorough is the author’s treatment of his subject?– What kind of sources (primary or secondary) does the author use?– Does the book treat the subject in detail or in general terms?– In what sort of style (i.e. popular, elegant, pedantic) is the book written?– Is the book well organized and constructed?– When was the book written?– Is it the most recent in the field?