Does this organization have a Code of Ethics? If so, please include a link to the organization’s Code of Ethics.

Research the following websites:Pub Med – – – – – – include the following information in your short scholarly essay:1. Discuss each website / organization separately. Dedicate one or two paragraphs to each website / organization. Your essay should contain at least six paragraphs.2. Begin your discussion of each website / organization with a brief overview / history of the organization.2. Explain the purpose and function of the organization.3. Explain how the organization is funded. Who pays for this organization?4. Does this organization have a Code of Ethics? If so, please include a link to the organization’s Code of Ethics.5. Who is responsible for ensuring that this organization is telling the truth to the public?Your essay must be at least 600 words in length.– Please do not include “I” statements in your essay. Write from an objective perspective. Please do not include your personal opinions.– Please do not use quotes in your essay. This is a very short essay and there is no need to include quotes.– Please do not ask questions in your essay. Your goal is to answer questions in this essay.– Please double space your essay.– Please read the “How to Compose a Short Scholarly Essay”.– Please read the Short Scholarly Essay Rubric before you submit your essay.
Keep the following in mind when composing your shortscholarly essays…Strong Ideas● Remember that you are composing short scholarly essays, using your bestcollege-level thinking and college-level writing. All essays must containa thesis that is clear, sharp and thoughtful; and it must be supported withideas that are strong and balanced.● Your researched data must be accurate and complete. Only write aboutresearched data. Your personal opinions should not be included in any ofyour course assignments. This course is about philosophical ideas, but itis not about your personal philosophical ideas. Please do not include anypersonal opinions or personal history in your essays.● Your interpretations and conclusions should derive from the course textbook,lectures, videos and documentaries. Please do not include your personalopinions. All interpretations and conclusions must follow logically fromthe course information.Suggestions1. Read the textbook carefully and well in advance of writing posts. Takenotes.2. Watch the assigned lectures, videos, and documentaries while taking notes.3. Avoid including your personal opinions or personal history in any of yourcourse assignments.Logical Organization● Information should be delivered through a clear chain of ideas. Ideasshould be woven together in a logical format. Avoid a jumble of randomideas.● Short scholarly essays must contain multiple paragraphs.● Each paragraph should offer a unified, coherent and complete point in supportof the thesis.● Transitions between paragraphs should be smooth and provide a logical linkbetween ideas.Suggestion1. Outline your essay before you begin to write. Use the argument outline strategy practicedin Chapter One.Engaging Voice● Please use a tone that is confident but also sincere, measured andobjective. Do not include personal opinions or personal history in any ofyour course assignments.● Always maintain scholarly objectivity and acknowledge uncertainty.● Use a mature academic style.● Do not include “I” statements in any of your course assignments.Suggestions1. All course assignments require research, college level critical thinking andcollege level writing.2. Consider the textbook as your guide to style in this course. Allessays must be researched. Never use “I” or “we” or “you” statements inyour posts. Always be scholarly and objective – avoid any personal bias.3. You are expected to remain strictly neutral and objective, use only “he” or“she” or “they” or “one.”Clear Words● Use clear phrasing throughout the essay. Do not use vague words orphrases.● Use language that readers will understand. Use plain English wheneverpossible. Your goal is to express your ideas as completely and conciselyas possible.● When using technical terms be precise and define technical terms as needed.Suggestions1. Say what you mean in the least amount of words possible. Be concise.2. Avoid BS. If you did not do the assigned readings or watch theassigned documentaries, please do not post.Smooth Sentences● Please use college level thinking and writing in all course assignments.● Good sentence construction results in sentences that flowsmoothly.Suggestions1. Write a draft of your essay. Reread the draft and make changes.Edit your essay multiple times before submitting for a grade.2. Ask a friend or family member to review and edit your writing before yousubmit.3. Remember that all assignments are scholarly essays. You are notposting to your friends on social media.Correct Copy● Grammar, punctuation, mechanics, usage, and spelling must be correct.