ECE 302 Public School Research (YONKERS New York)

Part 2: Public School Research (10 points) DUE DATE 10/5• Students will identify and research one (1) public school within their chosen community• Research should include:• Demographic information: name, location, grades, # of students, # ofteachers, # of classrooms, overall building information i.e. (age of school, playground?, gym?, cafeteria?….) racial/ethnic makeup of students AND staff, leadership structure, services forchildren with special needs, extracurricular programming, supportive services and/orenrichment programs, collaborations/partnerships with other schools and/or communitybased organizations, schedule of a “typical” day, family engagement resources, professional development.• Students will post research of their public school and overall assessment of the school in relationto family/community engagement on Blackboard.• MUST gather photos of the school, bulletins, schedules… to be added tothe final presentation.• Think that you are providing a “snapshot” of the public school to a person who is not familiar withthe community or the public school.