Please answer the following questions:
1-Please write 5 differences between T lymphocyte cell and B lymphocyte cell.
2-What is the action of the Ciliary Escalator System?
3-What are the main important activities of interferons?
4-Please define Ghon Complex in Tuberculosis?
5-What is the general prognosis for Hepatitis D?
6-Why Clostridium difficile represents a great health problem in our country? How do you explain this situation?
7-Please explain the pathogenesis of Bordetella pertussis infection?
8-What are the serological markers for Acute Hepatitis B virus in a benign evolution?
9-What is the morbidity and mortality of Pneumonia secondary to Streptococcus pneumoniae in our country?
10-Is it possible to prevent Human Papilloma virus infection? How do you explain this prevention to your patients?