essay on the book “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”

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As a historical source, what does Douglass’ Narrative reveal about the lives, culture, and psychological struggles of American slaves?In what ways is Douglass’s Narrative a work of abolitionist propaganda?In what ways is it a historical source on the nature and arguments of the abolition movement in antebellum America?Critically discuss the following themes in Douglass’ Narrative: home, power, violence, friendship, mind, manhood. Point to specific examples in the text to support your points.How does Douglass portray slaveholders? Compare and contrast each slaveholder.What strategy do these portrayals serve in his story?What enduring meanings or principles in this book make it relevant today?What is the meaning of the full title of the narrative?What does Douglass have to say about the consequences of slavery for Americans, black and white, North and South?Is Douglass’s book more a work of imaginative literature or of history? DiscussShould Douglass be viewed as a hero? Explain.