Evaluation Of Edward Scissorhands

Overview:An evaluation essay asks you topick an artifact of some kind and make a judgment about it. By artifact, I amreferring to anything that has been created, both recently and throughouthistory. However, the evaluation you create is more specific than somethingbeing “good” or “bad.” Instead, we need criteria to help us know exactly howthe artifact is being evaluated.Once you have decided on thefilm, you must decide on the criteria for your evaluation. Because we areworking with films, there is more room and options in terms of criteria. Forexample, you could say a certain film is unrealistic because it doesn’t taketeen pregnancy seriously or that a film is problematic due to the way itengages with mental health issues.From here, you write out a thesisthat tells the reader not only what you are writing about, but also thecriteria and your argument.Requirements:·3 to 4 pages·MLA paper format· 3 sources cited in MLA·Integrated quotes·Works cited pageGrading Criteria· Citationsand Formattingo25 pts (25%)· Thesis/Argumento30 pts (30%)· Structure/Organizationo20 pts (20%)· Useof evidenceo20 pts (20%)· Surfaceissueso5 pts (5%)