Evidence-Based Report Research

PICOT Intervention: In laboring women, how does the lithotomy position compared to left lateral or squatting position affect the ease of delivery process?
As a group, answer the following questions in a Microsoft Word document based upon your assigned chapter topic and PICOT activity from module 1.How did you find the evidence supporting the nursing assessment or intervention?How do you conclude the evidence was sufficiently strong to support the nursing practice?How you would promote the adoption of this clinical practice by nurses in your hypothetical healthcare setting?How would you recommend that the organization evaluate the adoption of the practice change?Note: The clinical practice you recommend should be an autonomous (or relatively autonomous) nursing action (e.g., an assessment or an intervention). This does not include delegated interventions such as administering medication or a provider’s decision to give a medicine versus counseling ( e.g., collaborating with physicians to initiate physician orders such as removing a urinary catheter).What is the committee (you and your group) expected to do?