evidence for practice

Visual Display and Peer Consultation Groups (50 points)1. Each student will develop a visual display for the practice implications described above, including the evidence supporting them, to share with the class.2. You may use PowerPoint slides, a brochure, a poster, or some other visual or presentation modality that you can turn in for a grade.3. Students will be given the opportunity to review and ask questions of their peers by sharing the practice implications they find most interesting and relevant to their social work practice.4. During the final class session, students will share what they have learned with other students in the class.
there is a writing component to this assignment. I uploaded examples of what needs to be done and you can use two of the articles I chose in my systematic review worksheets (attached) and you can find two more on my PICO question (attached in uploads on “systematic review”
4 Slide PowerPoint Presentation + 7 Page Paper