Examination of Biomarker Indicators to Reveal Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries and predict Long-Term Consequences in the brain.

Literature or Systematic Thesis Proposal
Target Population:Young Adults in College-aged 18-24
Sports:Soccer, Football, Ice Hockey
Discussion Topics:What Biomarkers are?Covariants: Age at the occurrence of TBI, Severity of TBI, The time between occurrence and medical attentionLimitations: Unexposed people who have not been diagnosed with TBI, could have not been tested and actually have one.Other Neurological Outcomes.: CTE
Outcome/Variables:Independent Variable: exposure to TBI in sports (Soccer, Football, Ice Hockey ).Dependent Variable: Behavioral changes (i.e. aggression, depression, anxiety, etc).
Data: Can be quantitative (Preferred) or Qualitative data (Based on the biomarkers)