Explain how each line-item was calculated or how each budget section was calculated (such as Personnel and Operating expenses).

This assignment asks you to anticipate and estimate total project expenses and communicate your need for funding using a line-item project budget and budget narrative, which justifies your budget. The logic model is a good place to start accounting for the resources that will be required to carry out your project, so you can use your logic model, proposal narrative and knowledge about budgets from the reading to write a budget and budget narrative.Background: Program budgets are usually drafted and redrafted as project needs and ideas, as well as funding sources, become clearer. Your budget should reflect the activities and services that require funds; you can think in terms of two general categories: personnel and operation expenses. Your funder will want to know that you have planned for each and every expense and that you can justify the expense. Additionally, the grant writer should be prepared to amend the proposal budget upon receipt of grant funds.While some funder’s may have specific guidelines for communicating your budget or require that you use a specific budget document, in this assignment you are asked to articulate your budget in two ways:• A line-item budget: Use the sample line-item budget to anticipate the costs of your project. Create a line-item budget that separates costs into 1) Personnel (Which staff’s time and how much of their work scope will be spent on this grant project?) and 2) Operating expenses (What inputs in the form of material resources are needed to implement project activities? These will include office expenses, travel, project materials, and technology.) Make sure to research your anticipated expenses and prepare your budget with your audience in mind.• A budget narrative: The budget narrative or budget justification provides your funder with a detailed explanation of your budget. Explain how each line-item was calculated or how each budget section was calculated (such as Personnel and Operating expenses). You can also use rhetorical appeals to justify your budget through an explanation of how you will augment your budget with matching funds, in-kind donations, and program efficiencies.Please note that the budget and budget justification narrative is closely linked to the project description, and you may need to revise these sections to ensure that they match and logically follow from one another in your final proposal narrative.625627an hour agoPlease see the attached line-item budget document.
Sources to use:• Line-item budget template• Chapter 10 from “Proposal Writing: Effective Grantsmanship for Funding”• Use additional resources as needed.
Length: one to two pagesFormat: Use business letter format. Save your document as .doc or .docx, and use the following naming convention: Last Name_First Name_Budget NarrativeSubmission: Go to the “Assignment Dropbox” for this assignment and submit before or by the deadline.