Explain how Human communications: Nonverbal Communication.

The paper must have a Bahamian perspective and include at least two (2) Bahamian references. Overall, there must be at least five (5) research sources (the textbook cannot be cited as a reference source). You will conduct a minimum of one (1) interview and a minimum of 30 surveys/questionnaires with participants to acquire your Bahamian content. Additional research sources can include books, publications, interviews, surveys, films, recorded music, newspaper articles and/or magazine articles.The actual content of the research paper must be 1,500 words and double-spaced. Any bibliography format (APA, MLA, etc.) will be acceptable, however, the bibliography format used must be cited at the top of your title page. The paper should have a separate title page and a separate bibliography/reference page(s).RESEARCH QUESTIONBurgoon and Sain define Nonverbal communication as “Those attributes or actions of humans, other than the use of words themselves, which have socially shared meanings … and have the potential for feedback from the receiver.” At least eleven areas of nonverbal communication have been identified, three of which are Body Communication, Silence, and Proxemics. Select one of the three areas listed above. Describe the characteristics and functions of your selected nonverbal area and discuss ways in which it is demonstrated in personal, academic, and professional Bahamian cultural environments.