Explain how new technology be viewed as race-neutral and objective?

the book is the only source neededI. Mission: Book ReviewII. General Task: Read and analyze the book entitled, The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcementby Andrew G. Ferguson. Your review should address the following questions:A. What is big data policing?B. Identify and discuss how new cutting-edge technology will change how police work?C. How will new technology impact the Police Officer profession?D. Will new technology be viewed as race-neutral and objective?E. Will new technology provide enhanced predictability and accountability?F. Discuss how new technology is a potential threat to security, privacy, and the constitutional rights of citizens?The paper should be written in MLA Style Format – Times New Roman Script, 12 font, one inch margins, and doubled space. Place the name of the author, name of the professor, title of the course, and date of the paper on the first page. Your paper should not exceed five pages in length. You will be graded by the standards in the scoring rubric below.III. Book Review Scoring Rubric:_______________ Introductory Statement – 25 points_______________ Knowledge and Critical Analysis – 25 points_______________ Conclusion – 25 points_______________ Style, Grammar, Spelling and Clarity – 25 points_______________ Total (100 points)