Explain how The High Cost of Prescription Drugs in the United States.

***MUST REVIEW ONE ARTICLE FROM A SCHOLARLY JOURNAL***Article reviews must follow all specifications provided on the course syllabus. In preparing this work, you will also need to respond to each of the following:Citation Each review must include the citation for the article (or chapter) that you are discussing. Be sure to give the complete citation, especially if you are using something from an edited compilation. If you are unsure of what constitutes an appropriate (and complete) citation, consult a manual of style. Manuals of style prepared by Turabian or the American Psychological Association are both excellent sources, and are readily available in the library and the bookstore.Summary Tell the reader exactly what the article is about. What was the reason for the article? If a research work, how did the author go about conducting the study? Who were the subjects? What kinds of analysis wee conducted? What were the author’s findings and conclusions?Professional Critique From the perspective of a professional in the field of health science, how do you respond to the article? For example, is it clearly written? Would its intended audience understand the content (remember that the average consumer may NOT be the intended reader)? How might the work have been improved? Did the author support his conclusions with appropriate evidence? Were any biases apparent in the author’s work and/or conclusions? Do not hedge when preparing your professional critique. Take a stand.Personal Response Even if you select an article that, from your professional point of view is horrible, it may generate a favorable personal response. Alternatively, you may have similar personal and professional responses to a written work. Tell me about those personal responses. Only in this section may you introduce any subjectivity. Was the article interesting to you? Do you think it covered an important topic? How might it have been improved to make for better reading? better research? Did the author tackle a major problem in an appropriate manner? Questions as these are all fair game for your personal response.759479an hour agoI HAVE ATTACHED THE SCHOLARLY ARTICLE TO USE FOR THIS PAPER.