Explain how we transitioned from love television to the bidnge watching era.

The next essay will be similar in form to the last. This time, you’ll be attempting to explain something that has changed recently in our culture–some shift, trend, growth, demise, or even just a new emphasis. As usual the narrower the better. Don’t even think about writing on “the rise of social media,” or “animal rights” or “new political polarization.” You might want to write about these–though of course we can all see these everyday!–but the way to get at them would be something smaller: a change in an institution’s social media policy (a school, for example), or the increase in vegan restaurants, or the use of “history” in political expression (the subject of one of our readings).The exercises will ask you, first, to identify a change, and then to seek broader explanations. A crucial part of presenting that change will be seeing it manifested in a particular instance or expression of it: something concrete you can analyze. A fashion trend; a court case or other social “event”; a type of film, tv, or fiction; a new institution or organization.The class instructions of the essay^I have Also added 3 files of what not to do.Basically I want to explain the cultural shift of How we transitioned from love television to the bidnge watching era.I would like to definitely see examples of new streaking platforms like Netflix Hulu etc.Also I would like good references/sources that share statistics and what not. Quality sources please.Thankyou