Explain specific treatments for children who have been abused/neglected or experienced trauma.

Develop a training presentation that could be used to assistnew social workers in the field working with children who have been abused.Include the following in your narrated PowerPoint:
Model evidence-informed crisis counseling techniques todemonstrate that social workers are knowledgeable about evidence-informedinterventions to achieve the goals of clients and constituencies, includingindividuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities..Explain specific treatments for children who have beenabused/neglected or experienced trauma.Recommend specific community resources from your localcommunity or state with specific services for children who are abused/neglectedor experienced trauma to demonstrate your understanding of ways in which socialworkers value the importance of interprofessional teamwork and communication ininterventions, recognizing that beneficial outcomes may requireinterdisciplinary, interprofessional, and inter-organizational collaboration.