Explain that you have had pay a tutor for your daughter 680 per month during school.

step one read the lette
1. Rewrite it explainning the hardships that accured because of the money that was cut2. explain that you have had pay a tutor for your daughter 680 per month during school3. Pay for medical nesscassary surgery which you had to pay out of pocket for 60004. Also explain in the letter you got behind on your rent because you had to help pay money to bury your uncle in cousion they had nno life insuance .5. Explain that you dont get food stamps and that you are paying back the irs for something your ex husband did6. explain because they took the money you cant afford to raaise the money to finsh yor degree7. also explain that in seral accaustions that the wrong information was give janice Martinez told you as long as you was working a federal job and goiing to school that i would not lose my benefits . That i sent in the reason and proof and iasked for help none the dodocomentation to medicaid and then the people and on top of that mediare still has me as anderson when i shoudl be hernandez .please make sure you up the system with my letter and please have mercy on me . I am trying to pay a house not and work and take care of my kids and pay back the irs i had to pay for bury for family and i cant finsh school and i have not food stamps so if you waan help then help to relieve me of this and do the right thing in god eyes . because the world is not kind and social security is always behind and did not do there part in helping me pay for school