Explain why Child abusers should get life in prison

Explain why Child abusers should get life in prison
Child abusers should get life in prison
Find, describe, and evaluate a minimum of 4 credible, relevant, and usable sources.
List sources using MLA style (complete citation) with each citation followedby a single paragraph that describes, evaluates, and determines functionality of the source.
For MLA style, adhere to the formatting rules for a Works Cited page.plain whay
Purposes:Find sources that support your topic or position as well as alternative perspectives.Evaluate those sources, determine their credibility, and create a balanced list of references.Provide a foundation upon which to write a research-based argument.Required Sources: 44 or more sources to support your topicOne – two sources to offer a variety of alternative perspectives
The paragraph (6 -12 sentences) beneath each reference entry should include all of the following:
Summary:Summarizes the article in 1 – 2 sentences only – do not use any part of the abstract.Evaluation:Evaluates the credibility of the source (What type of source is it?)Comments on the credentials of the author, including degrees and affiliation, as well asthe source’s editorial process. (Is the source peer-reviewed?)Comments on the author’s use of citations. (Does the author document their researchwith in-text and end-of-text citations? What types of sources has the author incorporatedinto their research?)Function:Compares/contrasts this source with other sources in your annotated bibliography.Explains how this source develops the topic of your choice (topic development examplesinclude background information, thesis support, counterargument)
Note: Do not include information that requires in-text citation (specific facts or direct quotations).
Guidance on how to choose sources:
Examples of good resources:Examples of resources to avoid:Peer-reviewed journalsNews and opinion magazines (e.g. Time,Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly)Scholarly booksWikipediaSparkNotes, Bookrags, eNotesAbout.comBlogs