Explain Why the World Will Never Be Tobacco-Free.

Writing the SummaryWhen writing a summary, you are giving an explanation of someone else’s ideas; you are not presenting your own opinion. In general, your summary will need to do two things:· Provide citation information about the article itself before the summary, not as part of the summary essay itself.· Provide a clear, complete explanation of the main point of the article in your own words.Generally, you do not quote heavily from the summary—you let paraphrasing do the job—although a small, short quoted phrase of two or three words will do.EvaluationWhen I evaluate your summary, I will be looking to see how well you have met the goals of the assignment. That is, I will be looking for how accurately and thoroughly you have summarized the article. If you do not correctly identify or clearly explain the main point, your summary will not be successful.In addition, your summary will need to meet the general criteria of any good academic writing: a clear focus, logical and purposeful organization, strong use of supporting evidence, and thoughtful development of the ideas you are presenting. Also, the summary must be well written both stylistically and grammatically.Your summary of the article will be 500 words.