Explain why you think this metaphor is useful.

1. First, answer the question, why do metaphors matter? Cite from the textbook to describe how metaphors influence us. (1 paragraph).2. Next, watch the video examples using tea as a metaphor for sexual consent [here] and mosquitos as a metaphor for microaggressions [here]. Think about other metaphors that we use to understand issues of inequality, such as the glass ceiling to describe struggles faced by women in the workplace. Now come up with your own metaphor related to sexism, racism, or some other form of oppression or inequality (since this class is about critical methods, which focus on power). Be sure to:a. Identify and explain the social issue you chose (1-3 sentences).b. Provide a metaphor you could use to help someone understand the issue (1 sentence).c. Explain why you think this metaphor is useful (1 paragraph).3. In at least one of your peer responses please cite from the textbook.