Explain why your revision is better for both SEO and the user experience.

1.Find a customer-facing page on the site that has at least 200 words of copy related to the vision, mission, history, or purpose of the organization (e.g., not a blog post).2.Rewrite the copy from this page to be both more search engine friendly and more user friendly. In addition to improving the prose and shortening overly long sentences, your updates should include section heads, bullet lists, pull quotes, using bold and italics to emphasize keywords and concepts, using colors, multiple fonts, even incorporating photos and other images that can help readability and searchability.3.Critique the “before” and “after” versions of the page and explain why your revision is better for both SEO and the user experience. Be sure to also spend time on titles and formatting so that what you submit truly represents how it will appear in a Web browser.4.Using the copy that you just wrote, create three proposed Google PPC ads with the idea that the ads will be utilized to drive traffic to the newly revised Web page. Be sure to utilize keywords and follow best practices as outlined on the Google Ads Help (Links to an external site.) page. Pay close attention to the number of words in each of the ad sections when composing your proposed adverts.5.Summarize your work by explaining how these copy recommendations will prove effective.
Your Online Copywriting Assignment should include the following components:
The original text from the page, demonstrating exact style, layout, and formatting as much as possible.Your rewritten copy including all formatting, images, and other elements you add or update.A detailed explanation of what you changed and how it will improve the Web page either from an SEO or usability perspective (or both!)The three Google PPC ads, specifying both the keyword or keywords you’d suggest they use to target searchers and the actual copy of the ad itself. Note that a typical Google ad should have a HEADLINE (currently 30 characters max, you can separate multiple headlines with a vertical bar “|” symbol), DESCRIPTION (one or two lines of 90 characters max per line), and DISPLAY URL that can be different than the actual target URL. Reference the Google Ads Help Page (Links to an external site.) to verify the current length restrictions before you start composing your advertisements. You will be graded on adherence to current AdWords requirements.Your Online Copywriting Assignment should be:
Submitted as a Word documentBe 4-6 pages in length: 1-2 pages for the “before” copy (you don’t need to duplicate the entire page, just the actual copy you’re rewriting), 1-2 pages for the “revised” copy, one page of detailed explanation regarding what you changed and how it will improve the page, and one page detailing your proposed PPC adverts.Any references or other sites used (including any Google reference pages), in Turabian format.