Exploring Different Kinds of Law – Part 1: Four Kinds of Law

You will also evaluate how a school, preferably your own, recognizes the requirements for least restrictive environment and develops Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students with special educational needs. Your goal is not to gather information on special education students; it is to familiarize yourself with the special education policies and processes that are currently in place in a school.Follow the steps to complete Parts 1 and 2 and submit two files for this assignment:a 5- to 7-slide presentation (not including the title and references slides),Part 1: Four Kinds of LawStep 1. Select one of the following topics related to law and schools:Student rightsTeacher rightsSchool managementSchool ethicsYou may either approach the topic in general or narrow the topic to a subtopic. For example, you may choose student rights in general, or you may focus on a subtopic, such as student harassment or rights of student journalists.Step 2. After selecting your topic, connect the topic to at least one constitutional, statutory, administrative, and judicial law. The laws may be federal, state, or local or a combination. It may be beneficial to review the four types of law in the presentations before completing this part of the assignment.Step 3. Capture your research in a slide presentation. You may use PowerPoint or a different slide presentation tool of your choice.Tutorials for creating PowerPoint presentations are available: Digital Learning Connections Resources and Tips.Include the following in your presentation:Title slide – Presentation title, your name, course number and title, dateOverview of your topic (1 slide)How each of the four areas of law connect to your topic (minimum of 4 slides, 1 per each area of law)How understanding the four types of law contributes to your professional practice (1 slide)References (1 slide)