Exploring Different Kinds of Law- Part 2: Special Education Law and Policies

Part 2: Special Education Law and PoliciesIn Part 2, you will compose a three-page paper in which you evaluate how a school, preferably your own, recognizes the requirements for least restrictive environment and develops Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students with special educational needs. You will do this by researching the laws for your state and interviewing a special education coordinator or teacher. Your goal is not to gather information on special education students; it is to familiarize yourself with the special education policies and processes that are currently in place in a school.Step 1. Access guidelines for least restrictive environment and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) from your state Board of Education/Department of Education website, or obtain a copy from your school.Step 2. Summarize at least five key ideas that you should know as a principal. Include one key idea per paragraph.Step 3. Interview a school’s special education coordinator or a teacher familiar with least restrictive environment and the IEP process.Use the following questions to guide your interview. Address each question in a separate paragraph.How does your school implement special education law and policies?What process is in place to determine students’ eligibility for special education?How does your school ensure compliance with IEPs and implementation of accommodations? What happens if a teacher claims the accommodations aren’t working?How do school staff members feel about least restrictive environment and the IEP process as a whole? Do they feel the IEP process represents true collaboration between parents and staff members to best serve students?Which aspects of the IEP process most confuse or discourage team members?What do IEP team members say can be done to better improve the process?Are students’ IEPs effectively implemented at your school? What can be done to improve implementation?