Exploring Literary Myth and Symbols

This is a Humanities Essay AssignmentMust be 2 pages double spacedBe 2 pages in lengthUse several direct quotes from our course materials. I attached the course material from the instructor in the attachment section so please include some quotes from there in the essay.
Introduction:You are comparing the symbols and pattern of the Narcissus Myth to the symbols and pattern of Kay Boyle’s The Astronomer’s WifeAccording to the lecture from our Module, what are the major symbols of the Narcissus Myth?According to the Module, what do those symbols represent in modern literature?Body paragraphs:How and where are the major symbols present in Boyle’s story? What do they represent to Mrs. Ames in the short story?Narcissus’ story is filled with sexual violence. Is there violence present in Mrs. Ames life of Boyle’s story? What specific lines imply this? (Consider that “violence” can be physical or emotional)Narcissus does not get to self-discover because he is cursed. Does Mrs. Ames get to begin a journey toward self-discovery? How do you know?Conclusion:Why do you think it matters that our new, modern stories are just rewritten patterns of old ones?Wrap up your main ideas and the overall message of your paper.End on a memorable note