family poster

Purpose: To demonstrate the assessment process of a family using the Calgary Family Nursing Model. the movie.2. View the movie to gain an overview of the issues facing the family using theoretical constructs of the CFAM.3. Select a family situation depicted in the movie whereby the family can reasonably be assessed using each assessment category, all dimensions and subcategories of the CFAM framework.Family Poster Guidelines and Expectations:Create a digital poster depicting the following:1. Explain the family situation you have chosen.2. Draw the genogram and ecomap.3. Indicate your group’s family assessment using the categories and subcategories. As well as highlighting the categories, dimensions and subcategories, you must explain in point form or in a sentence or two, the relevant data. If a subcategory is not used, state the rationale. Note: Structural, Developmental (tasks, attachments) and Functional.4. Indicate the family’s strengths and problems.5. Develop three circular questions you could use in assessing the family.
Creativity and format will also be evaluated:• Neat, well laid out, appropriate use of space.• Flow of content easy to follow.• Visuals used creatively.