Female/Male Prisons

For this assignment, your task will be to research men’s and women’s prison facilities. You will select THREE different adult female prison facilities in the United States, and THREE different adult male prison facilities in the United States.GENERAL FORMAT:Assignment should be typed and in the following format:Cover Page: Meaningful title; Students name; Couse name (CJS 438 Gender and Criminal Justice); Professors name (Dr. Posey); Semester term (e.g.) Fall 2021. Cover page should be in APA format, 7th edition.Font: Times New Roman; Size 12.Margins: 1 inch.Spacing: Institutions should be single spaced; with a double space separating each facility.Additional Formatting Requirements: Page numbers beginning on the first page; Running header.INSTITUTION FORMAT:Put each prison in the following format:Name of the facility (In Bold)Address of the facility.The security level classification of the facility (e.g.) minimum, low, medium, high, super-maximum.The number of total inmates.A comprehensive and complete list of the programs offered at that facility (Just the names of the individual programs). Organize the programs by their group theme (e.g.) Mental Health Programs offered…, Vocational Programs offered…, Academic Programs offered…, Religious Programs offered…, Substance Abuse Programs offered…, etc.Victimization services. A 3 – 4 sentence summary of programs offered for inmates who have been victimized or experienced trauma.Parenting services. A 3 – 4 sentence summary of programs offered for pregnant and/or inmates with children.If the facility does not have any programs or services listed on their website for inmates with trauma, pregnant inmates, or inmates with children, then you should use this space to discuss why this is a problem***Your assignment should have six different prisons total.The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the personal and family resources available to both men and women in correctional facilities.PreviousNext