Fetal Malnutrition and Brain Development

The project consists of a paper reviewing a current topic in Developmental Psychology. The article must focus on a topic that is covered in class during the semester and connects research to practice.The Article: The article must be from a scientific, peer-reviewed journal and be within the past five years.Paper: Each student will write a one-page summary of a scientific, peer-reviewed journal article following the guidelines below:The paper and references must be in APA format (headings, in-text citations, References page) and follow assignment guidelines (one page maximum, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font).There must be a minimum of one peer-reviewed article within the past FIVE years. The References page must have an active link(s). A guide to in-text and Reference page citations can be found at Purdue OwlLinks to an external site.. Limit direct quotations. This is a summary of the paper in your words. Any direct quotations or substantial paraphrasing need to be cited within the paper. Peer-reviewed journals can be searched online through the Alma library and Google Scholar articles. Whichever search tool is used, make sure to select peer-reviewed articles/journals within the past five years.Body of the Article Review – The review must be relevant to a topic we have covered in class and have a developmental psychology focus. Students will submit a paper in which they summarize the methodological and design features of one empirical, peer-reviewed developmental psychology study. Students will include the following sections:Introduction – Summarize the introduction of the article and the importance of the topic to developmental psychology. Try to stay away from personal opinion.Research Methods – Summarize the research methods (characteristics of the population studied, instruments used in the study, etc).Results – Summarize the major findings (statistical tests used and significance levels [x and y are correlated, r=.70, p