film made between 1970 – 2000

This is essentially the same assignment as Paper One BUT about a film produced between 1970 and 2000.Part 1: View a feature film made between 1970 – 2000 you have not seen before (or will see later in this class) by a great director or featuring a great actor or actress.Just as you did in the first paper, comment on the specific film you saw. Pay particular attention to the screenplay, camerawork (cinematography) the editing (montage) and the sound (including music). for this paper, also address special effects. Again, as you did in the first paper, talk about what you like and what you dislike? Why do you like the things you like, and why do you dislike the things you dislike? Is the film a good film, or is it not?Part 2: Now that you have commented on the specific film you viewed, see if you can draw some general conclusions about the work of the director and one of the main actors or actresses. Be sure to comment on the overall impression you had of the film, including how you see it as an example of the its genre and time period. Remember, this is film review based on your opinions and insights: do not repeat what you have learned by reading up on the film or the filmmaker.Part 3: Go back to the “My Criteria for Quality in Film” page. Based on your viewing of this week’s film, add four new general conclusions. These statements should be numbered (5) through (8). Be sure to include all of the criteria you created for Paper One.
4 PAGESOutline and Resources – You are to turn in an outline and resource list for your project before the end of week 5 and submit it to the proper folder. Part two will not be accepted unless part one is turned in.You must turn in an outline and a list of resources for your project no later than the end of week five.Use either an Alphanumeric Outline, a Decimal Outline, or a sentence hierarchical outline.The list of resources you expect to use includes websites, books and films. This should be in the form of an Annotated Bibliography.To see the entire description of the Final Project, click here > Final Project.As you prepare for the Outline of your Final Paper, here are some things to keep in mind:Wherever you are in your writing process, it’s important to remember that you’re trying to show me what you’ve learned in the courseMake observations and connections and integrate vocabulary and concepts we’re learningThink about the organization. Simply listing the elements in the assignment prompt is not an outlineThe thesis statement is the most important part of the outline HOW TO WRITE AN A+ THESIS STATEMENTI would like to see a full sentence outline. The more complete your work is now, the more helpful and substantive my feedback can be. I look forward to seeing how your work is developing!You should plan to spend about more time on this stage of the assignment (research and outline) than on the final stage of the assignment (rough draft and polish)UMGC’s WRITING CENTER can assist you if you get stuck or need some extra helpFinal Essay Stage Two – Samples of Outline and Resources (Sample Outline.docx)(Student Example.docx)