Film: They Call us Monsters

Film: They Call us MonstersAvailable on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube (Premium)
Instructions:Film review #1 is Due Sept 29th so make sure you give yourself time to reflect and write your review. The film is called, They Call us Monsters which has recently been added to Netflix so you can watch it at home and it is also available on Amazon and other streaming service.
It is 4-5 pages which you will write about your reflection on the film and things that stood out to you about the system. Also, you will apply concepts that you have learned in class (readings) to your writings on the film. Somethings that you should comment on in your review will be the following: juveniles being charged as adults; rehabilitation vs punitive; juvenile laws; possible solutions for juvenile justice; the disconnect present between society; the system and response to Juvenile Justice issues; and what are possible solutions to the issues you see. You may also include the passing of Prop 57 or Prop 260/261 and any impacts that you predict there will be in the JJ system and the relevance to the film.