Finacial Market Case study

The assessment will involve multiple case studies pertaining to different financial markets and instruments. Students will be required to assess the impact of recent developments in the financial markets due to the current health pandemicThe targeted Course Learning Outcomes for this assessment are:CLO1: Identify the nature and key components of financial systems domestically and globally to apply in diverse contexts.CLO2: Identify the nature, role and determinants of the structure and level of interest rates in economics and financial contexts.CLO3: Analyse the characteristics and functions of the main financial intermediaries and the role of regulatory bodies in in financial systems in a global context.CLO4: Assess the operations of the foreign exchange market including the nature and determinants of exchange rates and relevant investment strategies.CLO5: Explore the main features and theorems of capital markets, institutions and securities including debt securities, equity and derivative products.Assessment detailsThe assessment consists of scenario-based short answer questions with multiple parts worth a total of 50 marks. You must answer all questions and all parts of each question.This assessment includes all the content covered in Topics 1 to 10.The assessment is worth a total of 50 marks and accounts for 50% of the total grade for this course.FormattingYou must answer all questions in a Microsoft Word document. Indicate the question number clearly before starting the answer. The completed document must then be submitted electronically on Canvas in .doc or .docx format only (not as .pdf) and must constitute your own work.Submission will be verified via Turnitin for any form of plagiarism. A similarity score of up to 30% is allowed without penalty. The answer document must also include your name and student ID.You are given THREE submission attempts. If the file is uploaded in any other format that is not recognised by Turnitin and you don’t receive a similarity score – the assessment will not be graded.Where mathematical calculations are required, you must state the equation used and all the workings in your answer.Please write answers in a separate Microsoft Word document. Indicate the question and part number clearly followed by your answer:You may use hand-drawn diagrams where applicable. Include the image of the diagram – use balanced resolution so the information in the image is readable (not blur). If the solution is not readable, no marks will be awarded.Guidelines for text formatting:Font style: ArialFont size: 12 (14 for headings)Spacing: 1.5 line spacingPage No: Page x