Final Essay: An America Founded On White Supremacy Still Breathing Today

Read the attached document for the full assignment description and grading rubric.i expect exceptional workin this essay i want to argue from the point of view that that white chrisianity built the laws still governing us today. our policies and laws need to be ammended and rectifiied to properly protect the people of america. i will attach my previous essay for context to this. i place blame on the whole government state federal and society too for perpetuating the discriminatory actions and systems in placepeople need to hold each other accountable when its behind closed doors, stopping hateful behavior from the root, learning to see eachother as humans before anything else – stop behavior before it starts, when things get to media its already too late the action was already doneuse and site the authors as much as possible to have a well educated well articulated argument
read my previous essay for an EXAMPLE of the point of view im arguing from
Required sources for your argument:Robert Jones, White Too LongClint Smith, How the Word is SpreadHeather McGhee, The Sum of UsOptional sources: Into America Podcast: Dr. Izzy Lowell and “Growing Up Trans”