All projects require the content, introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Collection and Analyses, Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations parts. The report should be clear, complete, concise, and written in an understandable style. An introduction should be included in each report to introduce and explain the research project itself and the scope of the project to the reader. A good background statement is important in producing understanding. Tables and figures should be used whenever possible, as they help to present clear and concise information in a summary form, thus eliminating the necessity for lengthy description and explanation in the text. In addition, they make the project and assist in implementing project results. Photographs are also helpful for the same reasons and can be used if it possible.1. Title of the Project2. Content (5 pt.)3. Introduction (brief information about the project, aims and goals of project, etc.) 1 pages (15 pt.)4. Literature Review (about the project, articles & books references) 2 pages (15 pt.)5. Methodology – minimum 1 page (20 pt.)5.1. Data Collection and Analysis (data collection method – face-face interview, e-mail, etc.)6. Findings (with your own words, what was your aim, what did you find?) min. 1 page, (20 pt.)7. Conclusion and Further Research (Interpretation of project’s analyses and suggestions for the project) min. 1 page (15 pt.)8. References (10 pt.)Format: All reports should be typed double-spaced. All pages, figures, tables and diagrams should be numbered. Font should be Calibri 11 or Times New Roman 11. Page Margins should be 2,5 cm from top, bottom, left and right.