Final self reflection

Choose 4 of the 8 possible prompts to create a list of goals of your desired communication in an organization by applying concepts we discussed in this course. Use these prompts to guide you (You have already laid the groundwork for most of them in the weekly assignments. You are free to copy and paste to fit the question prompt below as long as you cite which assignment). (35 points)

Ch 2 How will you engage in Ethical organizational communication? 
Ch 3 and 4 How do you plan to balance the Scientific Method (Classical theories) as well as the human relations (Modern Theories)?  
Ch 5 How will you effectively use Formal and Informal networks to communicate with internal stakeholders?
Ch 6 i. How will you contribute to a supportive Organizational Communication Climate? 

                     ii. How will you display Cross-Cultural communication Skills? 
       5. Ch 7  i. How will you take on Leadership Role/s?
                    ii. How will you be an effective Follower? 
      6. Ch 9 i. How will you develop effective teams? 
                  ii. How will you manage disruptive behaviors? 
      7. Ch 12 How will you manage Conflict and Negotiation in an organization? 
      8. Ch 14 How will you communicate with external stakeholders using effective writing and presentation (verbal and non-verbal communication) skills? 
How will you develop these goals to action- what will you do to achieve these goals? What strengths will you cultivate/ What characteristics will you need to develop? (10 Points)
Why do you want to be this communicator? (5 points)
Criteria for success:

Apply concepts from the chapters we discussed in our course using theory and in-text citations.
Feel free to include information from outside of the course as well (Other courses or from your own independent research). Don’t forget to cite!
You can add a meaningful quote or visual aid to demonstrate a point.  
Your responses should be meaningful and demonstrate your learning this quarter.