Finance & economics Vietnam’s growth model The special sauce

RequirementRead the article, “Vietnam’s growth model: The special sauce,” from The Economist, September 4, 2021,pages 57-58. The article is available from Canvas course website AssignmentsWriting Assignment.Write a report on the following assigned questions in your own words.Do not merely copy the words or sentences in the article or line up unrelated answers to the assignedquestions. You may use as references the article, your textbook, and your class notes. No other print oronline sources are allowed.Please include your references using APA format at the end of your report ifyou cite the article above and/or the textbook.This is an individual assignment.Do not discuss with any other students about the writingassignment. If you have questions regarding the writing assignment, please ask the instructor.Plagiarism will result in zero and will be reported to the Student Conduct Office.FormatThe report should be four pages, double line-spaced, 12-point font. The report needs to betypewritten using Microsoft Word.No handwritten papers will be accepted.Please refer to the assigned article and apply what you have learned in Econ 335 to answer the followingquestions.Please do NOT copy the questions in your report because it will result in similarity problem. Just writedown the question # and your answers to the questions in order in your report. Please also include yourfull name, CWID, and your class section# on the top right of the first page in your report.1. What have been the main driving forces of Vietnam economic growth in the past 30 years? Whatmakes the economic growth of Vietnam different from China? (10 points)
2. Vietnam provides subsidies (e.g., corporation tax reductions) to promote import-competingindustries. Please analyze the effects of this type of subsidy on domestic producers, consumers,and national welfare. (10 points)
3. Is Vietnam’s current trade pattern consistent with any trade theory that you have learned in Econ335? Please specify which theory/theorem that you apply and explain why it is (or not) consistent.(10 points)
4. As Vietnam develops, what will happen to the domestic wages and other factor prices? Whatwould be the threat to Vietnam’s economic expansion? What needs to be done for sustaininggrowth? What would be the comparative advantage for Vietnam in the future? (10 points)