finance trading report

Post-game Trading ReportYou are required to complete a trading report on two of the twelve games held in Weeks 6, 8 and9. To provide an insightful analysis, you should select the two games where you participated indifferent roles and preferably these two are of different game settings. The report is due by 9AM,4 October 2020 (Monday, Week 10). Your report should include two parts.In the first part of the report, you should reflect on the objectives of two trading games you chose,and describe your observations of the market. In particular, your report should include:
A discussion on what you would expect to observe in the trading behaviour between thedifferent traders and the behaviour of the trade price series; and
An analysis on market quality measures (i.e., bid-ask spread, volume and possibly depth)and a comment on price efficiency (i.e., deviation from the true value). The “time andsales” data and “transaction log” data for each session will be available on LMS after thetrading games. These files are labelled according to the session. The data will be useful foryour analysis of the trade price series.
In the second part of the report, you should assess your trading strategies as both informed andliquidity traders. You should discuss clearly your profits (as an informed trader) or trading costs(as a liquidity trader) for the roles that you have played in each of these two games. Additionally,discuss whether you would retain or make changes to your strategies if you were given theopportunity to play the game again.The trading report is worth 15% of your final mark. Marks will be awarded for reports that areinsightful and that uses the available data to provide an in-depth analysis on the trading sessions.Please see the grading rubric attached on next page. The reports should be no longer than fourpages. The report must be word processed using 12 pt Times New Roman font and 1.5 linespacing. Figures and tables may be included as appendices and should not be longer than twopages (i.e., the entire report should not be longer than six pages). Marks will be deducted for notfollowing the format stipulated.BONUS MARKSA bonus mark of 1% (of the final grade) will be awarded to the top 20% of traders (based on theaverage rank) in each lab sessions in Weeks 6, 8 and 9, i.e. maximum of 3% for any student. Theliquidity and informed traders for each session will be ranked separately and each student willreceive an average rank across games in each lab session. If during the sessions, your cash or shareposition is negative, you will be excluded from the running for the bonus marks. You will also beexcluded from the running if you are not attending the trading session that you have been allocatedto.