Florida’s Economic Base, Export, and Manufacturing

Using lecture materials and Joshua Jansa’s chapter, “Economic Development and Infrastructure Policy,” analyze the evolution of Florida’s economic base since the end of World War II. How has the nature of the State’s export base changed? What happened to its manufacturing base? What are its main economic drivers today?Research Report Outline:2. Class sources: Use at least three citations from class, i.e., lectures and class readings, in the report. (The individual citations can be from multiple class sources or from one source, e.g., the chapter in the text or one of the class readings). Please remember that these class sources should be employed to guide the analysis not simply as quotations inserted into the larger text.
3. Outside sources: Cite at least three outside sources for the information you are providing in the report. Unlike the class sources, which are designed to guide the analysis, the outside sources are intended to provide information or support for assertions about the particular topic in the particular state. As much as possible, the outside sources should be from professional media, i.e., academic journals or scholarly books; please do not use popular journals, blogs, Cable News channel citations, or other forms of non-mediated sources as much of this stuff is simply and utterly blather.
4. Bibliography: The bibliography should include separate sections for class and outside sources.
6. Evidence: Provide evidence to support all assertions. If you begin a sentence with phrases like: “experts say” or “many people believe,” indicate the source(s) of your information. Do not generalize your own biases to the rest of us; and do not assume that we always agree on what is and what is not “common sense.”
Assessment: Your report will be evaluated based on the following criteria:(1) how responsively you address the issues raised in the particular question;(2) how effectively you employ class sources to organize the analysis of your information;(3) how effectively you employ outside professional sources to provide and/or support the information you are providing;(4) how consistently you provide source references for the material presented;(5) how well-organized and carefully written your presentation is.