For this essay, you will write about all things

For this essay, you will write about all of the texts we have studied in light of our essential question. By answering the essential question with your opinion, you will find examples within all of the texts, and you will incorporate them into your essay.USE SIMPLE WORDS AND SENTENCES ONLYYYYYYour Prompt: In light of what we have read this semester, ( Tales, of two cities , Things fall aparat, My fair lady , Othello ,) how does literature help us to relate to and understand other cultures, individuals, and experiences?
Your essay should include the following:1. Introduction: This should be no fewer than three sentences, and it should include a hook, a statement of background, and a complex thesis statement that alludes to what is to come in the body paragraphs.2. Body Paragraphs: You will need at least six body paragraphs. Think of it as two per text we have read. Within these body paragraphs, you will be expected to cite each of our texts at least three times. This is a total of nine quotations throughout the entire essay. These paragraphs should emphasize the ways that the texts we have read inform your answer to the prompt.3. Conclusion: This should be no fewer than four sentences. Begin with a restatement of the thesis, and then move into a concluding discussion on the overall answer to the question (independent of how you feel about the books and their bearing on the question).