For this Research Essay, you will create your own imaginary non-profit. Think of a need in your community you feel is not being met, and tell how your non-profit will help fill that need. Argue why your community needs your non-profit.

300 Research Essay – Ideas for how to structure this essay.You can use one or more of these suggestions, but you don’t have to use any of them.To argue how your non-profit serves your community, you might:Tell exactly how your non—profit serves specific members or groups in your community, perhaps show what circumstances are before your non-profit intervenes, and show what happens once it does. (You can even create make-believe stories to back yourself up. The important thing is to be specific—paint a picture with your detail—make the reader see it.) What is the process of serving the community, from the beginning to the end?To show how your non-profit stays in business, tell how you go about fundraising for it. How are finances handled.You might tell about the structure of the organization and how that structure supports equality and diversity of its workers.How much does your non-profit depend on volunteer work, and what kind of volunteer work? And maybe who gets paid, and why?How much does your non-profit depend on hierarchy and how much does it depend on team work and consensus decision making? How does each help the structure of the organization function?How is your non-profit building a better future for your community?Give a physical tour of the non-profit—is it offices in a building, parts of residences, is it mostly or all done virtually online?How does the non-profit get the word out to the community about its services and the need to raise funds?Does the non-profit sponsor and/or organize big events, to bring the community together, get the word out about the non-profit, to raise money, or all of those things?Do they set up a table in the CRC quad (or cafeteria, during Non-Profits Week) to tell about the non-profit and what it represents? What do they show in their displays? Who is chosen to represent the non-profit at those tables, and why are the